Children’s Etiquette – Classes for today, success for tomorrow

Etiquette classes for children empower them with self-confidence and self-belief. Having the foundation of certainty regarding how to act, engage and behave, not just as a thriving child but as a citizen of tomorrow, is vital.

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Etiquette classes in London are about the whole child. Armouring our children to tackle their futures with success and confidence is about so much more than traditional education. Children learn most from the world they are absorbed in. Therefore, to give them the skills to thrive, socially with peers and others alike, both today and in their future, we need to go beyond the classroom and learn British etiquette in a vibrant and dynamic way.

Etiquette classes London, by Niche Etiquette Children, are suitable for all children aged 7-13. For British nationals and relocating families alike, our etiquette courses in London are ideal.


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Children’s Etiquette – Learning for today, success for tomorrow

The children who succeed in life, find contentment, can compete and are able to pursue their passion as a valuable member of their community, are those who have mastered etiquette. Academic attainment, life experience and even innate talent are all stifled without understanding etiquette specific to the culture in which they live.

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This is because etiquette, by its very nature, is about laying the boundaries and providing a framework for life, where community and social interaction is the root of opportunity and success. Children thrive when they know the boundaries.

Etiquette is more than good manners. Manners provide the springboard for life’s successful interactions. Etiquette is the whole environment. It’s about knowing, with absolute surety, where you are in a relationship and how to navigate the complexities of a social world.

Understanding etiquette ‘rules’ doesn’t just happen. It has to be taught.

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Children’s Etiquette – Direction for today, thriving tomorrow


At Niche Etiquette Children, I believe etiquette and social skills are best learned through positive guided hands-on learning with one encouraging mentor. Etiquette learning is very much relational. The child needs to learn how they can fit in and navigate relationships through clear social rules. Therefore, to learn British etiquette, I run coaching style courses which immerse the child in a nurturing mentor-style relationship. A child skilled in etiquette is equipped. They will be our leaders of tomorrow.

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How do etiquette classes for children work?

Embarking on young adulthood in the modern world comes with complexities on an enormous scale. Etiquette courses in London guide children towards their future with awareness, knowledge and confidence. Yes, they have the skills to be polite. But more than this, they have the skills to thrive in an environment rife with social complexities and difficult choices.

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Etiquette Courses in London 

Enable your child to be the best in a world where actions speak louder than words. Through one-to-one sessions and group coaching etiquette courses, we teach etiquette in a way which inspires, encourages and equips.  It’s time to give your child the tools they need to excel.

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Etiquette Books for Children

Children have an immense ability to learn through powerful story-telling. My adventurous, engaging and fun etiquette books for children are proving to be hugely popular. They are a great read, but they help children learn too. You can order these from Waterstones and Amazon.

Magical London Adventure - British Etiquette in London
Tunnels of London - British Etiquette in London
Royal air Force - British Etiquette in London
London Pirates - British Etiquette in London
The Raven - British Etiquette in London
A very festive season - British Etiquette in London

The ‘Henry and Kathleen’ Series of Children’s Books

Author Taryn Jahme

Available to Order from Waterstones and Amazon.

Where children learn social skills and etiquette through adventurous fun based reading. Suitable for children 5+ years (read these books to your children, or they can read these wonderful short stories to themselves (depending on their reading level)

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