Children’s Etiquette Courses

My etiquette courses in London are immersive practical coaching-style courses designed for children between the ages of 7 and 13+ years.

All courses cover a range of vital etiquette skills, but can be tailored to suit individual requirements. You can choose between one-to-one etiquette classes for children and small group etiquette courses in London which are ideal for between 3 and 6 children.

Core Course Content (Click to read more)

Basic manners: Seamless absorption of the understanding of key manners surrounding gratitude, social interaction and how to conduct yourself politely.

Dining: Learn how to conduct yourself throughout an entire meal in both formal and informal settings.

Meetings and greetings: Navigate social situations with a range of different people in a range of different settings.

Conversation: How to utilise conversational skills in practice.

Conflict resolution: Understand the nature of miscommunication and conflict origination with a view to knowing how to resolve the situation as well as prevent it.

Assertiveness and confidence: Building a child’s confidence and self-esteem so that they can utilise their skills and compete in the modern world.

Deportment and body language: Learning how to hold yourself in different situations and why it is important.

Respect: Understanding the role of respect in relationships of different types and how it informs our manners.

Individual Course Objectives

You can select areas of focus for your child, or request a more generalised approach which incorporates elements of each objective.

Manners: Understanding the intricacies of British manners and their origins; showing gratitude (thank you) including written and emailed thank you notes; asking for action (please); chivalry and more.

Dining: Handling cutlery and other utensils; understanding table laying (including which glasses, plates or cutlery to use); sharing food; engaging with dining staff; interpreting a menu; chair positioning and seating; passing food and helping others; managing awkward food and dislikes; table conversation and topics and more.

Meeting and greeting: How to greet different people (peers, elders, professionals) appropriately and with confidence; first impressions; the importance of confidence; understanding greeting conventions e.g. hand-shakes and more.

Conversation: Engaging others appropriately; encouraging others; conversational balance; small talk; conversational topics; attentive listening; preventing insults and more.

Conflict resolution: Understanding the root of conflict; how to handle conflict; how to resolve conflict; managing your emotions and more.

Assertiveness and confidence: Being a role model; acting confidence in the face of anxiety; confidence breeds confidence; tips to make yourself feel more confident; the ability to be assertive and why it matters and more.

Deportment and body language: Dress codes; mannerisms; sitting and standing; entering a room; bodily autonomy; what to do with your hands and more.

Respect: Forms of address; how respect works; how to gain respect; how to show respect; the language and manner of apologising and more.

The well-mannered learner: Education and how to get the most out of opportunities; internet safety; cultural awareness; attentive listening; feedback and constructive criticism; peer pressure and more.

The school leaver: Body language and body awareness; interview skills; dress codes; business conduct for the modern world; telephone skills; email and writing etiquette; engaging with other nationalities and cultures; adult requirements such as tipping and paying; managing money.


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How to Book Etiquette Classes for Children

As all my courses are bespoke and founded on a coaching approach, this allows flexibility in how to book. All courses are at the weekend, in a central London location (such as Claridge’s) at an elite dining hotel to give your child the best environment possible to learn in the right setting, at a time to suit you. Please email regarding cost and exact location. 

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Please feel free to contact me directly at to discuss your specific requirements.

Please note that all bookings are non-refundable.


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Core Etiquette and Social Skills, Silver Service Dining – (Please contact Taryn for cost of course)

Book levels 1-3. Small groups (Up to 6 people) and one to one training (3 Hours)


Three course dining

Meeting and Greeting

Correct Table Conversations

Confidence and Self-Esteem building with conflict resolution

First Impressions

A dining restaurant is recommended for the level of course required, from levels 1 to 3, being the Elite silver service dining, advanced session.

IMPORTANT: It is imperative that you let Taryn know of any food allergies before embarking on a dining session.

Please note: all dining sessions from level 1 – 3 can be done at a convenient time which suits yours and Taryn’s timetable (mainly weekends).


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The ‘Henry and Kathleen’ Series of Children’s Books

Author Taryn Jahme

Available to Order from Waterstones and Amazon.

Where children learn social skills and etiquette through adventurous fun based reading. Suitable for children 5+ years (read these books to your children, or they can read these wonderful short stories to themselves (depending on their reading level)

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