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Our lessons start between the ages of 7 and 13 years; the time we believe is best to engage in learning valuable and fundamental etiquette practices. We teach children in a way that is designed to give each child the building blocks for a well-grounded and positive future. Whilst etiquette may be viewed as an old fashioned practice we have a modern approach that allows children to learn the value of knowing how to behave in any given situation. Our etiquette classes are fun and particularly useful in building self confidence.

Why age matters when beginning etiquette classes

It’s important that etiquette classes are not started when a child is too young; any younger than 7, and they may not fully understand some of the words being used, the values being taught or why they are attending etiquette school. Not understanding something can cause great upset and confusion for children, so we do not work with children under 7. On the opposite side of the scale, the eldest we will take is 13.

Etiquette London – the importance of etiquette

After 13 years of age, children become less impressionable and less open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. They have probably already been exposed to negative etiquette through their peers and school life, and generally become much more stubborn and less willing to learn something new that goes against how they have been behaving for 13 years. In between these ages though, children are much more susceptible to taking on board new ideas and putting into practice what they have learned, so this is the perfect time to start etiquette for children.

Interactive etiquette training – Expertise for your children

Our intensive interactive etiquette training system which includes interactive games, role-play, life coaching and theory are all designed to be informative so that children discover and learn important lessons in ways that are graceful, elegant, memorable and fun. We believe it’s important to be engaging, informative and interesting when we are teaching our etiquette classes as content that is boring, repetitive or too difficult will make it completely unappealing to children.

How to be Charming – a Modern Diverse Multicultural Approach

Our etiquette classes will teach children about the diversity of different world cultures and how they too practice different but equally good etiquette. This also helps to build a positive attitude within our own multicultural and diverse communities and schools as it develops a knowledge of other cultures, what good etiquette is in that culture, and how best to behave around people from that culture to avoid causing insult and to build relationships.

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