parent11Children have great imaginations, making up magical worlds with their favourite toys. A great way to help children develop their own imaginations is to read stories to them regularly. It’s also a great way to spend quality time with them bonding, whilst creating life long memories for them. And if that wasn’t enough, research shows that children enjoy reading do better in all subjects at school than others!

Reading to children is an art form, we’ve all listened in with a tinge of jealousy as someone really makes a story come to life when they are reading to child. So, to help us all make story ready as enjoyable as we can for everyone, we’ve compiled some top tips.

Have a regular reading time

It doesn’t have to be at the same time each day, but perhaps before or after the same activity. For example, after breakfast, before bedtime or after playgroup. Or better still, all 3.

Get comfortable 

Find a favourite chair, a cozy nook or bed to snuggle up on. Get close, have a cuddle and dive in. 

Let them decide what book to read

Children change their mind with the wind, one minute they are into dragons, the next trains. So, to help ensure they are really interested in listening to the story, let them chose the topic.

Talk about the pictures

Pictures say a thousand words. As well as reading the words, spend time looking at the pictures with your children, ask them questions about the characters and what they can see on each page.

Discuss the book

 To help your child empathise with the characters of the story, ask them questions. How do you think the characters felt, what would they have done in the same situation.

Don’t be scared to use silly voices

Children love to hear the voices of the characters, so don’t be afraid to have a go. You will probably feel silly, but, take a look at the childs face, see how much they are enjoying it. You’ll soon forget about feeling silly and be as lost in the story as they are.

Visit your local library

Your local library is a fabulous place to visit. Not only is it full of exciting books that you can take home, but most also now offer great events for children on a regular basis.

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