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Train Your Child – Power Kids

Finally! The much anticipated ‘at home’ and educational manual which you have all been eagerly awaiting for, Power Kids, is here!

Parents, teachers and coaches all you need to do is simply click on the link below to gain powerful knowledge to teach your children from the comfort of your very own home.

This manual shares the most fundamental skills required for dining and social interaction needed whether it be at school or important social occasions. Coach your children to become the ‘well rounded’ and ‘well mannered’ individuals they fully deserve to be.

Teach Your Children – The Many Great Benefits of Etiquette.

This interactive manual also gives you, as the parent, teacher and coach, all the important skills necessary to pass onto your children, as well as learning these techniques for your own development. There is always something new to be learnt for yourself to! Teach yourself as well as your children the great benefits of etiquette training from your home or classroom environment. The extra power of this manual is that it can be used anywhere!

When dining out, no longer will you need to worry which utensils your child (or you) should use at an exclusive ‘silver-service’ restaurant. No need to panic when you have the knowledge.

Etiquette training for children.

Understanding the importance to afford all families the core skills they need to teach their children is paramount. This is why we are sharing this valuable and vital knowledge with you…. for you and your loved ones to learn these amazing skills.

My love and support for all the families who really strive to ensure the very best for their precious children.

Wishing you well
Taryn Jahme


By incorporating the ‘Henry and Kathleen books’ below with the ‘Power Kids’ manual, your child will learn that much more through a fun and adventurous reading experience, whilst enjoying the illustrations and core life skills for learning etiquette and social skills development.

The ‘Henry and Kathleen’ Series of Children’s Books

adventure cover - Power Kids Manual
tunnels cover - Power Kids Manual
London Pirates - Power Kids Manual
The Raven - Power Kids Manual