The Etiquette Approach

I take a unique and distinctive approach to teaching etiquette. By offering one-to-one and small group etiquette classes for children, I am able to deliver learning in a coaching manner in real-life scenarios.

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Engaged Flexible Learners

These etiquette courses in London are suitable for children between the ages of 7 and 13. Experience has shown that this is the ‘core window’ for laying down a solid foundation of etiquette learning. Children of this age are old enough to fully understand the necessary language as well as cause and effect. They are also young enough to still be avid learners, flexible, and imaginatively able to use role-play learning as an assimilation tool.

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Delivering my etiquette classes for children to this age group ensures they gain the skills needed to benefit fully from all childhood opportunities, weather the difficulties of peer pressure (an arena rife with poor manners!), as well as carry the skills through to successful adult lives.


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Engaged Flexible Approaches

My coaching approach is tailored to the specific needs of individual children through a truly interactive etiquette training system. Learning takes place in genuine environments (such as high-class hotels and fine dining establishments) where role play, games, contextual learning and direction are well received. I can also undertake classes in the child’s home if preferred.

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Sessions are fun, dynamic and definitely interesting! I love seeing children leave a session walking taller and speaking confidently and charmingly.

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Find out how to book my etiquette classes London here. Learn more about the importance of etiquette and my approach by reading my etiquette blog.

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The ‘Henry and Kathleen’ Series of Children’s Books

Author Taryn Jahme

Available to Order from Waterstones and Amazon.

Where children learn social skills and etiquette through adventurous fun based reading. Suitable for children 5+ years (read these books to your children, or they can read these wonderful short stories to themselves (depending on their reading level)

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