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Sibling Rivalry

Bullying is rife in today’s society, and it’s also a huge problem in our schools. Every day seemingly we turn on the news to hear about another young person who has been the victim of bullying. However, there are some tried and tested methods to combat bullying, and whilst etiquette classes and family coaching would certainly be the first step, here are our tips to help you manage the problem:

1. DON’T give in – it’s important you teach your child not to give in to bullies, regardless of what they want. Bullies only do what they do because they want to exert power over someone, usually in front of their friends; and if your child gives in, that bully has been reinforced as the ‘leader’.

2. DON’T fight back – on the opposite side of the scale, you really don’t want your children to acquire a detrimental image by getting into a scuffle with another child.  Encourage your child to simply walk away and speak to an adult about what is happening.

3. DON’T ignore it – Ignoring it and hoping it will go away will not combat bullying and is not the answer. Again, encourage your child to speak to you or to a teacher; or another adult they feel comfortable talking to.

4. DON’T let your child become a target – most children these days will bully other children based on physical appearance – weight, skin, clothes, etc.,  so try to do everything you can to avoid that. Make sure your child eats healthily and is dressed properly – etiquette classes will be able to help tremendously with these aspects.

5. DON’T blame the schools – nine times out of ten, the schools don’t know what’s going on. It’s not down to ignorance, it’s purely because they have so much more going on. If your child is being bullied, alert the school and let them know it is happening but don’t blame them.

6. DO encourage your child to ignore the bully (not to be mistaken for point 3); you need to encourage your child to ignore anything hurtful or nasty that is said to them.

7. DO encourage your child to adopt good etiquette, to avoid falling into the trap of fighting back verbally, or worse, physically. Again, etiquette classes will help with this.

8. DO keep in regular contact with the school but without becoming too prying or over-protective, especially when it comes to high school.

9. DO give your child positive encouragement every step of the way – one little piece of positive reinforcement can highly outweigh 5 pieces of negative reinforcement.

10. DO always listen – give your children someone to talk to, make time for them, give them plenty of praise, share your own bullying stories if you have them but most importantly, always make sure they know and understand that what these bullies are saying is not true, and that they’re only playing a power game to make themselves feel better!

We provide individual and family coaching to assist you and your child with any form of bullying problem.

Family coaching and etiquette classes can help with bullying

Bullying can be quite a horrible experience for most children and not something that we, as parents, should take lightly. However, with the right positive attitude, positive encouragement from you and a good, solid understanding of etiquette, which can be achieved through etiquette classes, your child should be able to breeze over the bullies without a care in the world and move on to more constructive things.

Our family coaching and etiquette classes are available to all families and children, whether your child is being bullied or indeed is the bully.  It’s important to combat bullying using the right approach.

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