Nature vs NurtureWhilst child development is undoubtedly influenced by genetics a huge part of growth is largely down to their environment.

Nature is heredity, the genetic code we are born which determines amongst other things eye colour, height, health and some aspects of behaviour but what is the impact of environment on a child’s behaviour?

Given advances in science about DNA and genetic code it would be pointless to suggest that nurture is the only element that needs to be considered in discussing behaviour, but it is without doubt an important factor in how humans behave. By disregarding nurture, we would miss a sizable part of what shapes us as human beings and guides us through life.

The environment in which a child is brought up is hugely significant. This is where they will learn right from wrong plus what is acceptable behaviour and what is improper or offensive.

At Niche Etiquette for Children we know the problems parents encounter teaching their children how to behave properly in social situations. With many parents opting to work full time to provide financial security for their offspring it can be a struggle to find the time and energy to show them basic etiquette. All parents want their children to be confident young adults and our classes will explain good manners in a fun and interactive way.

Our vision for our etiquette classes is a clear one – to teach your children how to practice good etiquette skills every day of their lives effortlessly, thereby enhancing child development in a positive way.

We provide a respectable environment for your child to learn and offer one to one tuition or small classes to suit your child’s needs. With our etiquette classes, we want to take politeness and decorum a step further by combining it with a more in depth level of life coaching to make your child a well-rounded individual who will display a deeper understanding of integrity, poise and class that can be practiced every day with confidence.

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