Dining etiquetteExciting things are happening this winter at Niche Etiquette Children commencing with etiquette training sessions at a high end Boutique Hotel in London every Sunday.  Children will have lunch between 12 noon and 1:30pm learning the art of table manners, dining etiquette and table conversation.  During the session they will also learn Social Skills, Dress Code, Deportment, Hygiene and Grooming.

Each child will exit the training with a designer Niche Etiquette Children folder containing full details of everything covered during the session and a Certificate of Achievement.

I will personally be undertaking the training and private one to one sessions are available on request. For more information contact me directly. These Sunday sessions are incredibly popular so early booking is advisable.

As a qualified child etiquette trainer from a ‘Montessori Teaching’ background I am also CRB checked. I cannot stress the importance of ensuring that these conditions are met when placing your children in the care of anyone offering child etiquette training services.

Forthcoming children’s book series by Taryn Jahme

In today’s technology orientated society our children seem to be obsessed with everything electronic.  Whilst playing on an Xbox in moderation is great for entertainment, reading a book allows a child’s imagination to develop rather than have everything on screen to see. Reading a book requires certain levels of healthy concentration rather than the constant competition involved in most computer games.

For this reason I have written a series of books, the first one is “The Magical Adventure around London” where sister and brother, Kathleen and Henry, enjoy the most exciting exploration in and around London with the help of a friendly dragon.  Below is an extract from the fully illustrated book which will be published before Christmas.

 “Kathleen and Henry loved the outdoors! Often they would run outside the house racing through their narrow garden, teasing and tickling each other and playing ‘catch’. The children were always joking around, not taking matters very seriously. Kathleen and Henry were happy and proud to be brother and sister. Occasionally they would argue, as siblings do, but their arguments were always sorted out pretty quickly whenever Mum or Dad could hear them. Of course they were really the best of friends! Kathleen was 7 years old and Henry, 9.

Often, Kathleen and Henry would come up with wonderful imaginative stories and mysteries about fairies, goblins and far off different places. They shared their fantasies and ideas about what was hiding in the bushes – mystical creatures of all shapes and sizes, worms growing fiery wings and giant spiders carrying green miniature sized goblins with hairy ears. Kathleen had such a vivid imagination that Henry loved listening to her adventurous stories which she would tell him over and over again. Henry always asked Kathleen to tell him something exciting that would drift his imagination off to a different land………”

 More details as the date of publication gets closer.

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