Good manners in children

Whilst it may be a cliché to suggest that good manners cost nothing, it is a fact that your children will fare better in life with them than without them whether socially or in their careers when they get older.

Recent research conducted by Disney revealed that 750 parents in Australia out of one thousand interviewed believed that today’s children were not as well-mannered as those of previous generations. Particular mention was made of the most common courtesies in saying “please”, “excuse me” or “thank you” – expressions they felt were not being used sufficiently.  In addition they felt that children were not respectful of older people and table manners were not good.

Why today’s parents find it difficult to teach their children good manners
Most of the parents interviewed believed in the importance of good manners but quite a lot of them stated that improving the manners of their own children was a struggle and for this reason they were seeking the assistance of professionals.
There are several reasons why today’s parents may find it more difficult to teach their children even the most basic of manners or get them to maintain a standard of behaviour.  Unlike their parents, where invariably mother stayed at home taking care of the children  and father went out to work, both parents tend to go out to work nowadays either due to economic necessity or because women have become much more career minded in recent years.  Parenting requires time and in today’s fast paced society unfortunately parents are restricted in how much time they can actually spend with their children.

There used to be consequences of bad behaviour in schools
Another reason that children may not behave as well as they used to is that teachers in schools are no longer able to provide the discipline that existed in previous generations.  In those days, there were always consequences for bad behaviour and rudeness whereas restrictions on what teachers can and cannot do today mean that a child can misbehave without fear of ramifications.
You may wonder how much more control a child etiquette teacher will have over your children than those they see every day at school.  The answer is that etiquette classes for children are fun and conducted in an environment that they will love.

Whether it is table manners, common courtesy, basic good manners or any other aspect of etiquette to enhance your child’s life skills you will be surprised at their enthusiasm to attend the classes.

A child without good manners can wreck your social life
Bad manners and behaviour in children can wreck the little social time that parents have, ruin holidays and prevent them from even enjoying a family meal in a restaurant if they fear their children will cause embarrassment.  Give yourself a break and improve your children’s behaviour by enrolling them in our etiquette for children classes this year.  We guarantee you will be inspired by the results!

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