There are different trains of thought about child discipline methods. Often punishment is reactive, there is no conversation or compromise with the phrase “because I said so” used frequently. The issue with this kind of discipline is that it can be counterproductive leaving children angry, sometimes vengeful and it can ultimately further inflame the situation. If you turn the tables, how would you feel if your boss exploded at you and told you to do a particular task ‘because I said so’? Would you be happy to accommodate them or feel completely frustrated? This might help you understand why children can react badly after a harsh scolding from an angry parent. Children are not born ‘bad’, they learn good behaviour through role models and good parenting and being taught how to communicate their feelings when they are angry or upset.

Helping children grow into confident adults
At Niche Etiquette Children we understand the difficulty parents face when trying to teach their children social skills and how to articulate. Every parent wants their child to grow up to be a confident adult, able to interact with people from all walks of life and our classes and courses can make this vision a reality.

The importance of good behaviour
Based in central London we offer classes for children aged 7 – 13 years. This includes group work, family coaching and one-one sessions. With our help your child will become adaptable in different situations, be able to think flexibly and will be capable of compromising and negotiating. We’ll teach your child about the importance of good behaviour, respect and cultural etiquette.

Positive discipline
Positive discipline is about helping your child learn fundamental values and social skills for life. Our intensive Etiquette Training System has been specifically designed for teaching etiquette to children. It includes the use of interactive games, role-play and theory whilst keeping it fun, in order to help your children discover and focus on what is regarded as important social behaviour, when reacting socially with their peers and families during the course of everyday living.

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