Diamonds are Forever


One to one training. Course is held over a number of weeks.




Module 1  (2 hours)

  • Starting from beginners to advanced – Fine dining at its best
  • Table conversation, small talk and social skills training 
  • First impressions
  • Confidence and body awareness

Module 2  (6 hours)

  • First School or business interview
  • Dress code Protocol 
  • Deportment
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem building 
  • Conflict resolution

Module 3  (4 hours)

  • Managing money
  • Internet Safety
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Be the best Role Model
  • Forms of address
  • Thank you cards and gifts with grace and style

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you select any special dietary requirements from within the booking wizard, and that you check your confirmation email to ensure that your dietary requirements were recorded correctly. Thank you.