flying with childrenWe’ve all planned a beautiful holiday in a lovely location only to have the horror of the journey dawn on us a few weeks before we are set to leave. Here at Niche Etiquette Children we’ve compiled a list of handy hints and tips to make travelling with young children less stressful and more enjoyable for all involved.


Help your children understand what’s happening

On the run up to your holiday, spend time talking to your children about your holiday. Tell them what will happen when during the journey and explain what’s expected of them. For example, if they haven’t flown before, tell them about the noises the airplane makes, that they have to sit in their seat and ask them to help you pack some activities for them to do during their journey.

Be prepared

Snacks are easily available at the airport, but most of them come with lots of packaging and are usually packed with sugar. You know your child best and what snacks they prefer, so pack a few small bags of snacks that are nutritious and enjoyable, but aren’t going to send your child off into a sugar high!

Pack wisely

If your child has a favourite toy or blanket pack it so it’s close to hand to reassure your little one during the journey. Take some games, ideally without any small pieces that will inevitably roll under the chair in front of you never to be seen again. Keep these games and activities for when they are needed, don’t reveal them all too early in the journey. Something new and exciting just before hysteria sets in can be priceless.

Be polite

Fellow passengers will understand how difficult travelling with young children can be, many of them will have done it themselves before. Remember that these travel companions will have been looking forward to their holiday as much as you have and so it’s important to allow them to have a pleasant journey as well. Don’t allow your children to take over the seating row, kick the chair in front or use the pull down tray as a toy. Allow your children to speak politely to your fellow travels and interact with neighbors, but be aware that your children don’t dominate their time and take over the entire journey with talk of their pet rabbit and latest painting.

Be patient

Children can require lots of attention on an ordinary day at home, but during a long journey they will need a lot more attention from you to help them enjoy the flight whilst allowing others around you to enjoy their journey as well. Try to understand how your child will be feeling, they may be scared and frightened of about what’s happening, spend time answering their questions. Playing a quiet game or reading some stories to your child will help pass the time as well. They may need some extra help getting to sleep during a flight as it’s a strange, noisy environment. Try not to get frustrated with them, stay calm and they in turn will hopefully remain calm as well.

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