Jess Palmer Christie
Taryn is one of the most genuine people I have ever met, her determination and zest for life is infectious and inspiring, any child would gain enormously if only just to watch and learn
Mr & Mrs Feng

Taryn has proven results with my child, as well as being intelligent and patient and I would highly recommend her to future parents who’s children need that extra attention to detail. Thankyou Taryn


Taryn as a very enthusiastic etiquette coach who takes great pleasure and pride in helping school-aged children develop their social and etiquette skills, as a result Taryn ensured that our child did her Etiquette/Coaching course to a very high standard. Thank you so much for everything, you have truly helped our little girl through the next stage of development and moving into her teen years!

Ms Hilary Bernt

We found Taryn to be an excellent etiquette trainer and coach to our boy of ten years, brilliant with children and also very talented at art work. there were many tools and techniques which Mike will now be able to help him to focus on for the rest of his life, which one day will help him to succeed

Mrs Katia.J

Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into our children who will be teenagers very soon! You are so hard working and a true blessing which came along at just the right time, so well mannered to us as clients overall. lovely lady. Do keep up the loving contribution which you so happily give to children. Once again, thank you so much Taryn. We wish you every bit of success and happiness

J.k Ahmad

Taryn is a dedicated trainer and coach who undertook each coursework project with both enthusiasm and maturity, resulting always in an excellent standard of work

Grace & Mark H

Taryn’s enthusiasm and friendly nature had a beneficial effect in the class as she would assist those less able through encouragement and example. Thankyou for all the hard and detailed training you have injected into our children

Mr & Mrs Feldberg

aryn was very cheerful, kind hearted and had a lovely rapport with both Hayley and Sean, always punctual with the makings of an excellent etiquette trainer, she gave a great understanding of the principles through social skills down to etiquette training through many years of experience working with children of many nationalities. Thankyou so much for all of the hard work

J&T Srour

Taryn is a warm and friendly trainer. She is extremely competent and in all aspects of the training exceeded our expectations, we feel that she has certainly given our children an excellent start in life through etiquette training and life coaching. We wish her the very best for the future and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to parents for future courses

Mrs Deeb

Taryn’s honesty is beyond question and she is very conscientious and meticulous with tailoring the course to your childs needs, she is also naturally caring and kind and we have felt very comfortable with her coaching our children

Mr & Mrs Xie

Taryn is a very vibrant and lovely lady with a friendly outgoing personality. She is punctual and curteous and performed the training diligently. She was patient and kind with the children and built up a good relationship with them. We wish Taryn every bit of success and happiness with her future clients

Mrs D Willis
Taryn is truly talented and gifted when working with children. I’ve never had such genuine, enthusiastic feedback from my children about any activity I’ve arranged for them (besides quad biking).
They had an outstanding time and were full of enthusiastic admiration for the dining etiquette session. In an hour and a half, Taryn managed to cement the good table manners which I’ve been trying to drill into them for years. All three boys enjoyed her company immensely, and came home very impressed – although not as impressed as me.
Her cheerful, friendly patience and professionalism is to be highly recommended, and I have no hesitation booking my sons in for another session. I can’t thank her enough.