They grow up so fast! Every parent knows the heartache of realising their baby is no longer their baby.

Allowing your child to grow up, from first words and baby-steps to first sleepovers and driving lessons with loving support and sensible guidance will naturally help them become well rounded and happy individuals.

Starting as young as possible with positive reinforcement, consistency and encouragement will give your child the very best start towards a path of self-awareness, confidence and success.

As difficult as it may be, your child will need to learn some lessons on their own. While you may want to step in and take over or make decisions for your child, often children will learn from their own mistakes or wrong decisions without a parent intervening.

Try not to be over protective by rushing to resolve the problem or situation your child has reached, but rather discuss the outcome of his behaviour and explain what would be a better solution in future. Helping your child to think about their actions and encouraging them to come to their own conclusions will help prepare them for making the right choices as they continue into adulthood.

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