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“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

The person who deserves credit for this quote is debateable, but whoever it was, clearly understood the importance of presenting ourselves well.

We all know first impressions count. What we wear and our deportment communicates who we are to the world. Dressing smartly and appropriately can only have a positive impact on our lives, since those judging us will first form their ideas based on what they see. One’s ability to dress suitably for every occasion will leave a lasting, positive impression.

Encouraging our children to dress appropriately can be a challenge. There are times in a child’s life when they are encouraged by their peers to dress according to the trend of the moment. This may be appropriate at certain times, but a parent should have a few rules about what should and should not be worn – there’s nothing wrong with setting a standard for how your family dresses. As children develop their personalities it’s important to support their individuality while also teaching them the value of presenting themselves well. When we empower our children with knowledge and understanding of a subject – any subject – we inevitably are giving them the confidence they need to succeed within it.

The knowledge and understanding of the value of dressing appropriately can save your child from awkward social situations as they go through their teen and young adult years and will prepare them well for the many different environments or situations they find themselves in through adulthood. It’s a good idea to emphasize the importance of a good dress sense from a young age, and it’s equally important to enforce the fact that they simply do not need to dress the same way as their peers; after all, it is more important to be a good role model than a follower of the crowd.

As parents we can decide what is appropriate dress and what is not for our children. Do have a look at some examples of  women’s, men’s and children’s dress etiquette. As human beings, we have a role as the most intelligent, versatile creatures in the world. Let’s help our children grow into this role with their best foot forward!

Next week on the blog we’ll be looking at the importance of social etiquette for children – teaching our children how to stay safe in this big, beautiful (but sometimes a little crazy) world of ours.

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