My name is Taryn Jahme and I welcome you to the very first blog post of Niche Etiquette Children. In these weekly posts I will be sharing tips, advice and useful information with a modern approach to etiquette.

You may ask, who is Taryn Jahme? I am a qualified international etiquette trainer, strategic intervention (SI) coach, artist, world traveller and above all a teacher with a desire to encourage schools, communities and parents to invest in their children’s etiquette and recognise its increasing value in today’s world.

With over 14 years of experience and having worked with children of diverse backgrounds and cultures, I started Niche Etiquette Children because I wanted to develop in newer generations a true sense of etiquette blended with the life coaching that is missing in modern education methodology. To do so I designed a system around etiquette classes for children that allows every child I work with the opportunity to progress naturally, picking up the traditional etiquette training that is the core of our vision whilst learning to cope with their emotions and learning to deal with any obstacles they may face in their lives as they grow into young-adulthood.

Let’s work together to ensure our children grow into the young ladies and gentlemen we know they can be. Check in next week for a discussion on money management for children – what are we teaching our children about value?

Until then, have a look around the site and please do feel free to leave comments and questions below. They may even be featured in future blog posts! You can subscribe to this blog to ensure you never miss a new post and follow us through your favourite social media platforms, too.

Have a great week!